Safety Office

Welcome to the Redcor Drilling Safety Office.  Please check back often as we add to this section.


Redcor Drilling has an outstanding safety record as a company from opening the doors in April of 2008 to present. The management team and all the drill crews believe the only successful job is completed without any accidents.

The management team has been putting programs together focusing on the training stats to maintain a first class safety record. As a team our beliefs are to be the safest. It all starts with training and documentation.

Redcor Drilling prides itself on being environmentally responsible. Spill response cleanup includes the use of matting for oil leaks and/or spills; sumps are used to filter the water coming out of the hole to eliminate cuttings, etc. from contaminating the soil; rubber tracked drills are the preferred method of transport to reduce the pressure on soft ground, eliminating the need for bulldozers and reducing the negative impact on the surface soil.




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